Hounslow Heath School

Online Safety

Hounslow Heath School recognises that the Internet can give children access to an enormous range of information, resources and tools to support their learning. We encourage them to safely use the wide range of search engines, databases, sites and online resources as part of their own research and other activities. Home access to the Internet and related technologies such as email, messaging services and social media are commonplace.

For this reason we accept our responsibility in helping children use safe and responsible behaviours whenever they use these technologies. It is essential that shared good practice within and beyond school is implemented in order to safeguard our community, also empowering children to protect themselves.

Please contact the school at office@hounslowheathschool.com with any queries, ideas or concerns.

Online Safety Workshops

Thank you to all those parents that attended the Online Safety Workshops on Monday 20th, Wednesday 22nd or Thursday 23rd May. The Workshop PowerPoint Presentations and introductory presentations for SchoolsMobile monitoring platform are available below. After the half term holidays we will send out links in order for parents and carers enrol and set up accounts with SchoolsMobile. There enough codes and licences for every pupil. 

KS2 Online Safety Workshop Presentation (May 2024)

KS1/EYFS Online Safety Workshop Presentation (May 2024)

HEP SchoolsMobile Introductory Flyer 

SchoolsMobile Presentation (Rationale and Information) 

Online Safety PowerPoint Guidance for Parents and Carers 2023 (assessing risks and support for online safety filtering, monitoring and reporting at home)


Online Safety Links and Resources

 We provide parents and carers access to a wide range of support with online safety at home, including newsletters, links and resources: