Hounslow Heath School

Adverse Weather Conditions

This information is also available in the Health and Safety Policy document on the Policies page; explaining the school policy regarding adverse weather conditions, such as snow and storms, including wind and rain. There is also a link below to media sources, to keep updated with local weather reports.

Members of the school community are informed of risks at appropriate times via newsletters and the school website, and regarding appropriate clothing; for example coats, hats gloves in cold weather; caps, water bottles and sun cream in hot weather. They are also reminded of safe practices regarding travelling to and from school by foot, bicycle, car or public transport.    

Removal of excess snow and ice from shoes on entering the building is encouraged by staff supervising the entrances to the school building. Access for those with physical disabilities is supervised by staff at all times to minimise risk. The Nurture Room, Haven, Centre Soft Play Room and Centre Classrooms may be used for SEND, children with medical needs or vulnerable pupils at break times when appropriate.

Safety equipment including gloves and safety shoes are provided for the Premises Managers to work safely when the opening the school at the start of the day during snowy and icy conditions. Stores of salt are kept in the car parks for gritting salt, and the Premises Managers are provided with equipment including barrows and shovels for gritting key areas. Priority areas for gritting around the school site have been established for gritting before the start of the day; for paths between entrances, fire exits and to the gated entrances. Consideration is given to other areas if significant risk exists.

Members of the SLT monitor movement at the start and end of school day to ensure safe movement of all members of the school community and visitors. In cases of extreme weather (cold, rain, ice, rain, wind, storms, heat etc.) outdoor areas are continually monitored including break-times, to assess when it is safe to use outdoor areas of the school. The team leaders for playground duties, in conjunction with SLT assess risks, and if necessary children remain in classrooms at break. School staff assess the risks posed by extreme weather for P.E. lessons, Sports Days and other events. Where appropriate these activities are postponed until the risks are reduced. In the event of extreme hot weather, water breaks and periods of rest in the shade or indoors are provided, restricting outdoor activity when necessary. Children are carefully monitored for sun burn, sun stroke and dehydration.

The Headteacher or designated school leader assesses whether there is intolerable risk posed to the school community in opening the school; either through conditions on the school site or the inability of staff, children, parents and carers to access the school site. In this case the school is closed; informing parents and carers through Parentmail and the school website (alert on the homepage), also notifying the Local Authority of the decision.

Local Weather Reports